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Solar Home Lighting System

Solar Home Lighting System

Solar Home Lighting System is an ideal lighting solution for homes, primarily in rural areas where there is an absence of a grid or where grid power is unreliable. With a back-up of 6 hours per day, the bright light from the lamps can be used in multiple domestic and small commercial applications. Our Solar Home Lighting System adopts the latest LED technology, which is revolutionizing lighting application. Despite energy consumption being almost 50% lesser than CFL, the light output is very bright and white. In addition, the LEDs have a very long life, thereby making them highly reliable and ideal for domestic application. The home lighting units are available with 3 to 5 lamps of 3.5 watt each, and with an option of a DC fan.

  • Electricity saving up to 40%
  • Avoid investment in inverter
  • Highly economical and reliable
  • High efficiency electronic circuitry
  • Mobile charging facility provided
  • Easy to install
  • Maintenance free
  • Eco Friendly: Clean, Renewable & Sustainable
  • Safe: Shock- proof electric backup
  • Totally free energy
  • Freedom from load shedding

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